A Look at the Bluetooth Feature Standard in Some Modern Hearing Aids

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A large number of new styles of hearing aids are equipped with Bluetooth capabilities: maybe your aid already has it. Bluetooth is most often associated with hands-free cellular phone applications, but it’s also regularly used in computers, TVs, mp3 players and home phones. Hearing aids containing Bluetooth provide brand new ways to use and control these devices, making them more flexible and convenient, and giving you an enhanced listening experience.

Nearly all hearing aids use a tiny, easy to use external device to control their Bluetooth features. In most cases these devices–often called controllers–are meant to be carried in a pocket or worn around the owner’s neck. The controller’s job is to receive signals from other Bluetooth-enabled devices and transmit them wirelessly to your hearing aids. This allows you to hear your television, phone, or other Bluetooth-compatible device without needing to turn the volume up. You can even use Bluetooth to listen to phone conversations in both ears, which makes it even easier to hear.

Bluetooth controllers are designed to be user friendly. If you want to link your hearing aids to a specific Bluetooth device (a television, for example), it’s generally as easy as pressing a button. Talking on a phone or listening to an audio player that uses Bluetooth is just as simple – just push a button to connect and press it again to stop. Several manufacturers include other capabilities in these controllers, allowing you to access many other features through this one device.

Hearing aids with a Bluetooth feature can help keep older people with mobility challenges comfortable and safe. Recent models make it possible to connect to devices that are as much as 30 feet away, meaning that you can place or answer a telephone call without needing to get up from a chair. In an emergency situation, this feature can be lifesaving.

Deciding to purchase a hearing aid with Bluetooth capabilities allows you to enjoy a clear, crisp listening experience that is difficult to achieve through any other means. This combination of crystal-clear sound and simple-to-use makes Bluetooth a powerful way to improve your hearing and delight in experiences that may have seemed out of reach.

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