Hearing Aid Advice For A Novice User

Atlanta Hearing Associates' Blog.

Getting your first pair of hearing aids is an exhilarating time as you anticipate getting to hear more clearly again. As you start using hearing aids, here are several things you should be doing.

Learn How to Use Them: Before leaving the office with your hearing aids, have a basic understanding of how to use them. You need to be able to put them in properly, take them out, and use any buttons. Also, learn how to use your hearing aids with other devices, like your phone or television. Many hearing aids today are equipped to work with these electronics to deliver high-quality sound.

Be Patient: You won’t adjust to how you hear sounds through your hearing aids right away. It takes time for your brain to learn how to interpret the different sounds, and to filter out unnecessary information. You probably won’t hear perfectly right away, and that isn’t the goal of hearing aids, anyway. Eventually, they should be able to help you hear and understand sounds you experience in your everyday life.

Protect Your Hearing Aids: Hearing aids are complicated pieces of equipment, so you need to do your part to protect them. Learn how to clean your hearing aids every night when you take them out, and invest in a hearing aid dehumidifier to remove moisture that builds up inside. In addition, remember to take them off when you shower or swim, and to avoid wearing hearing aids in the rain.

Follow Up: You’ll probably want to schedule another appointment with your audiologist to follow up in a few weeks. You can ask any additional questions you have, take a hearing test while wearing your hearing aids, and make adjustments to them if needed.

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