Capitol Idea: AuDvocates Take to the Hill to Advance the Audiology Patient Choice Act

Atlanta Hearing Associates' Blog.

As this reaches you, ADA volunteers are on Capitol Hill meeting with Congressional staff to secure co-sponsors for the Audiology Patient Choice Act, and to advocate for a Senate companion bill.

“Today we will attend more than 75 meetings with key Congressional offices to advocate for H.R. 5304, which if enacted, will provide better access to safe, efficient, cost-effective audiology services for Medicare patients across the nation,” said ADA President Brian Urban, Au.D. “The movement to models of care that allow patients to choose from among all qualified providers have been embraced by Congress, and we look forward to working with Congress to bring Medicare in line with best practices in the delivery of hearing and balance health care.”

ADA members have also had more than two dozen meetings with legislators in their home districts since the Audiology Patient Choice Act was introduced by Representatives Lynn Jenkins (R-KS) and Matt Cartwright (D-PA) on July 31. Additionally, more than 400 legislators have been contacted by AuDvocates using the Congressional Connect tool.

During the month of September, H.R. 5304 has also been publicly endorsed by the Louisiana Academy of Audiology, the Pennsylvania Academy of Audiology, Salus University and the Scott Haug Foundation.

For more information, please visit www.18× and contact your legislators now!

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