Hearing Aid Troubleshooting

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If you are having difficulty with your hearing aids, do not panic! There are things you can do to troubleshoot your issues at home.

Sometimes there are simple fixes to seemingly complicated issues. Try out these tips at home before running in for repairs!

Make a good visual inspection of the outside of the aid. On the portion that fits into your ear, is there any ear wax blockage visible? Is there any obstruction or debris?

Take a soft dry cloth and wipe down the outside casing. Locate the small pick-like tool that came with your aids. Holding the hearing aid ear canal portion down toward the ground and away from your body, gently pick the openings clear of any buildup or blockage.

If your aid is equipped with a vent (a small tunnel running the full length of the aid), locate the small filament tool and run it fully through the opening.

Take a listen. How does the aid sound after trying this? Does it still sound unusual, or even dead? Try this.

Check your battery positioning. Is the battery door fully closed? Take out the battery, reposition, and close the door again.

Listen again. Still not working properly? Change the battery.

Be certain the proper size is used and that the battery door is fully closed without forcing the battery into the aid. Even a new pack of batteries can contain a dud. Try a new one.

Listen again. If your aid is still not working correctly, you might try dehumidifying your instruments. It may be that moisture has hampered proper functioning.

Even slight moisture build-up can sometimes cause the aid to work improperly. Dehumidify your aid overnight in an electronic dehumidifier, a jar of desiccant, or place in a bag of uncooked dried rice. Remember to remove your battery prior to this step.

Listen again. If these steps haven’t helped, contact your audiologist. They may have an in-house repair clinic.

Be prepared for either going without your aid for a short period or for wearing a loaner while your aid is sent out. Manufacturer’s repair time varies dependent on the company and the issue. Talk with your provider about your hearing aid issues now!

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