How Hearing Loss Can Affect Your Holiday Gatherings

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There is a health crisis that is facing the holiday season this year. No, it is not poinsettias or high sodium, it is hearing loss in individuals. On the surface, hearing loss may appear to be nothing more than an inconvenience for some; however, there are more dangerous elements to the hearing loss during the holiday season. We will examine the different ways that hearing loss can negatively affect social life, how to balance it out through the year, and how you can help those closest to you through the holiday season.

Hearing Loss For The Holidays

The problems associated with the holiday hearing health are generally confined to the social realm, but there are also medical drawbacks. In terms of the social impact that hearing health can have on the holidays, it is important o understand that it does not always manifest outwardly. The most common negative effect of hearing loss during the holidays is a more withdrawn attitude and an inability to speak with other people in their social circle. Not being able to speak to one another is a significant drawback of hearing loss and can cause a more severe type of sadness than the winter blues.

Specifically speaking, the negative social attitudes can manifest in dangerous health maladies such as depression. Being unable to reach out to family members and share new and old stories can result in sullen attitudes, social withdrawal, and a feeling of sadness that cannot be shaken off easily. This will make them even more unwilling to go to social events, even if they are invited to them. While depression and anxiety disorders are certainly difficult to overcome, the possible solutions which combine social interactions and medical treatment can help a great deal.

What Can We Do About It?

There are ways to conquer this social anxiety and depression that have been caused by hearing loss. The first way to go about this is to provide a proper situation to make your family and friend with hearing loss a proper and friendly environment. This can be done by warmly greeting and introducing your hard of hearing friends and guests to others. Involve them in conversations and ask or their input in a variety of situations. Make them feel welcome, speak loudly, and most importantly, be patient with them. This will ensure that everyone has a good, fulfilling time during the holidays.

Another one of the ways that people with hearing loss can be helped is through the consultation of a hearing specialist. These professionals have the ability to examine someone who suffers from hearing loss and to create a solution that will help them become reintegrated into society. Generally, they have two means of helping people with hearing impairment. They can advise, schedule, or perform surgery on the person with hearing loss to give them a positive hearing outcome. While this is not an option for everyone, another way that hearing loss can be mitigated in people is by fitting them with a hearing aid device. While these devices are not always able to restore full hearing, they have a high success rate in giving back enough hearing to make life, and the holidays, much more enjoyable for the individual with hearing loss.

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