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Due to all of the increases in traffic, enhanced cinema experiences, more powerful systems for your home entertainment, jet engines and machinery that is louder than ever, the world is much noisier than what it once was. Volume increases are one of the main reasons why the amount of people suffering from a loss of hearing has risen to more than 28 million Americans.

Most cases of hearing loss can be delayed and potentially prevented through implementation of the appropriate methods. Substantial improvements in technology utilized for hearing aids and treatment options have been made to help rectify loss of hearing.

Due to the increase in the extreme noise levels, more and more youngsters are being diagnosed with a loss of hearing. Each day more than 30 million Americans are exposed to extremely high levels of sound. Roughly, 10 million Americans have already sustained damage that cannot be reversed when it comes to their hearing.

Regular tests of hearing are suggested and need to be started upon birth. There is a new and inexpensive test for newborn babies that are readily available to help detect any issues contributing to problems within the hearing. During the first six months of life, babies are developing all of the necessary skills that are needed for communication and learning language, which is why it is imperative to ensure any problems are accurately diagnosed to properly use the time involved.

Our ability to hear is because our ears work to collect sounds through the air and into the outer ear and help to channel those waves of sound so that they are able to hit against the eardrum and vibrate against all of the miniscule bones inside of the inner part of the ear. All of the impulses are generated through fine cells within the cochlea that are sent into the brain. Once these cells become damaged, there is no way for the cells to recover.

One of the common symptoms associated with damaged hearing is through tinnitus. This is where the individual hears a continual buzzing or ringing that is not actually there. Around 40 million Americans are suffering with some degree of tinnitus, but most of them have learned how to deal with the condition.

Many suffer with tinnitus at degrees where the levels are not that annoying and they can fall asleep without having any interference from the sounds. Others are driven to the point of insanity with the sound. Roughly, 80 percent of those with severe tinnitus can find some level of relief. This amounts to around 10 million people, but as of now, there is no known cure for the problem itself.

After going through torment from the effects of tinnitus, William Shatner, contemplated suicide because of how bad the situation was for him. Numerous explosions while filming Star Trek might be the main cause of his developing tinnitus.

Numerous ways exist to help prevent loss of hearing from occurring in the first place. Wearing earplugs is one of the best ways to protect your hearing. Equipment used in your everyday home life is capable of producing sounds at more than 90 decibels. Using vacuum cleaners or lawnmowers for an extended period can cause temporary loss of hearing.

If you are exposed to anything over 100 decibels for greater than 15 minutes at a time without having the proper protection, you will sustain damage to your hearing. Rock concerts and heavy machinery are often capable of producing 110 decibels of sound, which can cause permanent loss of hearing.

Hearing impairment might be the direct result of ignoring an ear infection right from the beginning. Swelling and pain will not always be noticeable when the person has an infection. Often the only symptom one might notice is their loss of hearing. It is always best to speak with a doctor and have a hearing test completed to determine what might be going on.

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