What Are Some Of The Services You Can Expect From Your Hearing Professional

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More than likely the provider will ask that you complete a comprehensive questionnaire regarding your hearing, and overall balance, so that they can discuss all of this information with you. Make sure you are as honest as possible when completing this paperwork and discussing everything with the audiologist.

Proper medical history will help to diagnose all of the issues you are experiencing with your balance or loss of hearing and help the provider when it comes to determining the proper testing you need for completion of the diagnosis. Numerous evaluations might be conducted based upon your individual needs.

Types of hearing tests might include:

• Visually inspecting your outer portion of the ear and the ear canal itself
• Evaluation of the pressure within your middle ear
• Objectively evaluating your cochlea
• Behaviorally evaluating your hearing
• Objectively evaluating the auditory pathways

Forms of balance testing might include:

• Objectively evaluating the auditory pathways
• Evaluations of the other vestibular functions
• Computerized Dynamic Posturography
• Video Nystagmography or Electronystagmography
• Evaluating your Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potential
• Evaluating you in a rotational chair
• Electrocochleography

The health care provider will also give you management techniques for controlling your loss of hearing and other disorders related to losing your hearing. It might include a prescription, fittings for your hearing aids and other accessories, orientation, therapy, conservation, monitoring and therapy.

Therapy and any recommendations for medically treating balance disorders might also be given at this time. Some issues might require you to undergo additional medical management outside of the world of audiology.

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