What to Look For and Things to Stay Away From When Buying Kids’ Headphones

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When you have children, sooner or later they will ask you to purchase them headphones that they can use with their gaming systems, music players and computers. Not any big shock there. After all, headphones oftentimes provide a superior experience when used in combination with assorted entertainment and learning media. Since the request is inevitable, here are some ideas for moms and dads about what to look for when you shop.

An important criteria that plenty of consumers would not typically come up with is ensuring that the headphones fit properly. Kid’s heads are smaller, so headphones made for grownups will likely not fit them the right way, and might not offer the full range of sound to them. Don’t rationalize buying a larger size by believing that the kids will eventually grow into them. The truth is, the constant repositioning and adjusting will most likely lead to a shorter useful life due to damage. Headphones created for kids are designed with a growing child in mind. Many come with an adjustable head band allowing your son or daughter to obtain a perfect fit now and for years to come.

The main feature you should look for, however, is that the headphones are equipped with Sound Limiting Technology. By nature, kids will often use the highest possible volume settings to completely immerse themselves in the music. As adults, we recognize that this is a very poor idea that could be a catalyst for future hearing loss. Because of this, it is best to limit your possible choices for children’s headphones to those that don’t permit excessive volumes, and which include preset limits that make sure they are never louder than 80 to 85 decibels. The volume level limit suggestion pertains to both headphones that fit over the ears and ear buds, although it is probably more significant for the ear buds which are worn inside ears.

One additional criteria that parents need to consider is durability, because some headphones can be too delicate for use by young kids. You can find specifics about headphones that have an established reputation for durability by reading parents’ magazines or consumer guides. Having said that, when hunting for durability, don’t sacrifice light weight for it, and go with headphones that may be too heavy for children.

Whichever selection you make for children’s headphones, one last piece of advice is to limit usage to a few hours each day. Steady sound, even through Sound Limiting Technology ear buds or headphones, can create subtle damage to their sensitive hearing that may appear later in life.

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