Why A Professional Audiologist Can Help More Than Big Box Stores

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When you are faced with a hearing problem, you have two choices nowadays.  First, you can go to a big box store, take an out-of-the-bag hearing test on a machine you don’t know for sure has been calibrated properly, and you can buy cheap no-good merchandise from an untrained worker that will cost you more in the long ran.  But, second, you can go to a professional audiologist and get a highly effective hearing test and get high quality products that last a long time and actually cost you less in the end.


A hearing aid at Costco or WalMart will cost you less, but their quality is really low.  They offer products that are mass produced have been subjected to very little testing for quality.  On the other hand, if you go to a professional audiologist, you’ll get a product that was meticulously made and rigorously tested in order to give the client the best hearing aid product possible. The products cost less, but they have lower quality at a big box store.


When you go to a big box store for hearing aids or hearing aid batteries, the cost is all yours.  You assume that the products will work, if you bring defective products back they may not be reimbursable, and you find that the batteries you bought might or might not work for a few hours.  They don’t even offer rechargeable batteries that last more than two or three rechargings.

But the professional audiologist will give you a product that last a long time, cutting your overall long-term costs.  And most of the stuff the professional audiologist gives you are covered by most insurance plans.  Therefore, you can actually save money when working with a professional audiologist.


Big box stores train their audiology workers with the reading of a short manual that is more concerned with how to sell a hearing aid than in understanding what a hearing aid actually does. Most of these workers can’t tell you the different parts of the ear and how each can have problems that cause hearing difficulties in different ways.  An audiologist is professionally trained to tell you the different parts of the ear and how each can affect hearing.

When an audiologist tells you your hearing problems can be fixed or corrected or helped, he isn’t telling you this to sell you a particular product.  A big box store worker is just trying to make the sale.

In conclusion, you should go see a professional audiologist who understands hearing, hearing aid products, and wants to help you.  Don’t buy hearing products from a big box store bent on making money off of your misery.

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