Eat Fish, Dark Chocolate and Citrus to Stave off Hearing Loss as You Age

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Fish, dark chocolate and citrus fruits are just a few of the super foods touted as being excellent  for your hearing health. Of course, many of these foods are also good for other systems of your body, but your ears form the main benefits. Don’t fall victim to a natural decline in hearing loss as you get older. Instead, incorporate a healthy diet to keep hearing damage at bay, even though you’re at risk as you age for succumbing to the effects of a lifetime of hearing damage due to noise and other environmental factors. Blend these health foods into your daily diet to enjoy the most positive impact on your hearing health.


Say what? Chocolate is good for you? Well, first off it’s dark chocolate that has all the real benefits, and second, chocolate may not be good for your waistline, but it’s certainly great for your ears. Thanks to all the zinc and other antioxidants dark chocolate boasts, your inner ears are protected against the most prevalent health threat to the aging population: hearing loss. Another way to get zinc if you want a quick fix is to have it in supplement form.

Going Bananas

Bananas for magnesium? That’s exactly what’s in bananas that makes them so healthy for you. Your ears in particular reap the benefits of this healthy snack, which can curb the devastating effects to your ear of all those loud noises you’ve been subjected to over the course of your life. Reduce your chance of succumbing to hearing loss by indulging in this tasty treat on your cereal or in your sandwich.

Broccoli Boost

While pretty much all fresh vegetables are good for you, fresh broccoli is tops when it comes to improving your hearing. You can easily enjoy the benefits offered by the vitamins present in this veggie, whether you like it steamed, raw or grilled. Broccoli’s vitamins work hard to fend off damage caused by free radicals to your ear tissue so no additional damage will occur. A side effect of eating broccoli is healthier skin and hair.

Try Some Salmon

If you’ve been craving a fish dinner, indulge yourself tonight. There’s no better way to fend off hearing loss as you age than by tapping into the potential of the many omega-3 fatty acids present in salmon and other similar fish. Not only will you ensure a healthy heart, you’ll also get some much-needed blood pumping to the ears, which is integral to ensuring healthy hearing.

Citrus Fruit Frenzy

It’s no surprise to you, probably, that the health effects of oranges and lemons certainly assist you in keeping the common cold at bay. But you may not have realized citrus fruits can pull double duty as an ear-healthy food. Those same immune system-boosting effects of vitamins C and E that fight off colds can also fight off infections of the ear. This is important because ear infections must be properly treated do they don’t cause long-term damage to the inner ear.

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