The Oticon Agil™ Hearing Aid: Making it Easier to Hear in Noisy Environments

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The developers of the Oticon Agil hearing aid understand that if you have hearing loss, sometimes it takes a lot of effort to hear and understand in noisy environments, even if you wear hearing aids. The Agil has solved that problem by allowing you to expend less energy to hear in those difficult listening environments. Now you can enjoy socializing with friends and family, even in noisy restaurants or at sporting events, without experiencing the stress that often results from struggling to hear.

The Agil features a unique technology called Spatial Sound 2.0 that compliments the brain’s natural process for understanding speech. In addition, when moving from environment to environment, this unique hearing instrument automatically adjusts volume levels without distortion, making it easier for you to enjoy clear speech.

The Agil is also compatible with the Oticon ConnectLine™, allowing users to turn their hearing aids into a wireless headset for TV viewing or phone use and the Oticon Streamer™, a Bluetooth device that connects your hearing instrument with Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones and external audio sources.

Available in a full range of styles and colors, the Oticon Agil hearing aid is sure to help you discover a whole new world of better hearing.

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