Widex Hearing Aids: On a CLEAR Day, You Can Hear Forever

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If you experience difficulty understanding conversation despite the use of hearing aids, keep reading. This past year, Widex introduced CLEAR devices that communicate with each other instantly using wireless technology. This results in distinct and natural sound quality even in noisy environments. The product line includes CLEAR 440, CLEAR 330, CLEAR 220, and the FUSION.

CLEAR helps you better determine which direction sounds are coming from and has an alarm system that alerts you should the wireless connection be lost. It features a unique microphone cover than helps eliminate unwanted wind noise. It can be fit on individuals with mild to severe hearing loss and is available in all hearing aid styles including completely in the canal (CIC), in-the-ear (ITE), behind the ear (BTE), and receiver in the ear (RITE).

These devices can be used in conjunction with the advanced wireless DEX accessories which stream audio input directly from your television, cell phone, or music devices such as iPods and MP3 players. The DEX device for the television allows you to listen at a louder level while others can listen at levels comfortable to them. You can also turn the microphones off so that you hear only the TV and not background noise. The DEX for cell phones allows you to listen to conversation in both ears. A remote control is available and allows the user to adjust the volume, change programs, or focus in selected directions of left, right, and behind. Widex CLEAR hearing aids and DEX accessories allow you to hear what you have been missing.

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